Rick Steber

Rick Steber

Writing the West

Wild West Trivia

Trivia Games

This seven-volume series of trivia books will provide hours of fun family entertainment and, even better, they are educational.

Everyone loves the challenge and the opportunity to test their knowledge of trivia.

Trivia can be played while traveling, or enjoyed around the campfire, or on a rainy day in the condo.

Wild West Trivia Wild West Trivia is a seven-book series designed by popular award-winning author Rick Steber to challenge a reader's knowledge and expertise relating to American history, the great outdoors and the wide panorama of the Western landscape. This series is educational and a fun way for children, friends and families to learn. Oftentimes a question or answer will serve as a launch pad into other discussions, remembrances or related stories

Wild West Trivia The books can easily be turned into an entertaining game by having one person read a question aloud. The opponent, or team of players, selects an answer. The reader turns the page and reads aloud the correct answer. This is a wonderful way to pass the miles while traveling or as rousing entertainment around a crackling campfire. Have fun while you learn, and keep score if you wish. Collect the entire series.

These books are priced right, and will provide hours of fun and excitement for the whole family.

Wild West Trivia books include:

Cowboy Lingo Trivia

Cowboy Lingo Trivia Game

Sample Question

Where is a cowboy if the shout goes out“man at the pot?”
A. Around the campfire
B. At the outhouse door
C. At a branding

A. According to camp etiquette, when a cowboy gets up to refill his cup from the coffee pot hanging over the campfire, if someone shouts, "Man at the pot!" the man at the coffee pot is required to fill everyone's cup.

PRICE: $15.00


Campfire Trivia

Campfire Trivia Game

Sample Question

A mosquito is most likely to be attracted to you if you are?
A. Wearing a flowered shirt and listening to a Jimmy Buffett song
B. Wearing an electric blue shirt and eating a banana
C. Wearing dreadlocks and singing reggae music

B. According to a recent study mosquitoes are attracted to the color blue and to bananas. If you are sitting outside and wearing an electric blue shirt while eating a banana, you double your chances of being bitten by a mosquito.

PRICE: $15.00


National Parks &
Monuments Trivia

National Parks & Monuments Trivia Game

Sample Question

What influenced Congress to establish Yellowstone as the first national park in the world?
A. Paintings of the landmarks
B. Rock Samples
C. Photographs

C. Congress voted to create Yellowstone National Park due in a large part to the black and white images of photographer W. H. Jackson who visited the region in 1871. His vivid photographs helped legislators to see the wonders of the region and led to the speedy enactment of legislation and creation of the first national park in the world.

PRICE: $15.00


Lewis & Clark Trivia

Lewis & Clark Trivia Game

Sample Question

What type of pet did Meriwether Lewis bring on the famous Lewis and Clark Expedition?
A. Cat
B. Dog
C. Pets were not allowed

B. Meriwether Lewis acquired a Newfoundland dog while purchasing supplies for the expedition. He named it Seaman and the dog served as a hunter, a watchdog and a curiosity to the Indians who thought it was a tame bear. The fate of Seaman is debated. Some say he did not finish the journey and others claim he outlived Captain Lewis.

PRICE: $15.00


Oregon Trail Trivia

Oregon Trail Trivia Game

Sample Question

Why did Oregon Trail pioneers circle their wagons at night?
A. It looked good in photographs
B. To corral the livestock
C. Provide protection against the Indians

B. Even though Hollywood movies have fueled the myth that pioneers circled the wagons at the end of the day as protection against Indian attacks, the wagons were primarily circled to provide a convenient corral for loose livestock.

PRICE: $15.00


But wait, there’s more!

The Oregon Trivia Books (Volumes One and Two) are unique gift items that will invite a newcomer to learn more about Oregon and yet are designed to challenge the knowledge of the most dyed-in-the-wool, native Webfoot.

Orgon Trivia Games

Oregon Trivia Vol.1

Oregon Trivia Game Vol 1

Sample Question

What is the official Oregon state animal?
A. Roosevelt elk.
B. Beaver.
C. Black bear.

B. The 1969 Legislature adopted the beaver as the Oregon state animal. Prized for its fur the beaver was nearly trapped to extinction. But today there is a healthy population and the beaver plays an important role in maintaining natural water flow and erosion control in our rivers and streams.

PRICE: $15.00


Oregon Trivia Vol. 2

Oregon Trivia Game Vol 2

Sample Question

In what year was Oregon granted statehood?
A. 1859.
B. 1877.
C. 1901.
Answer: A. Congress granted Oregon statehood, as the 33rd state to the Union, on February 14, 1859.

PRICE: $15.00